Explore and upskill around our fine coastline



Our highly skilled coaches have a wealth of experience, coaching all over the Highlands. If you are looking for specific skill coaching or there is a place you have always wanted to  but want a bit of extra support, we would love to help.

- 1-5 day skill coaching courses
- Guided trips in the Highlands
- Destinations include: Skye, Summer Isles, Outer Hebrides, Orkney and Shetland


Jonny is a Mountain Instructors so qualified to lead clients up mountains via paths, scrambles and rock climbs.  If you would like to kayak into a remote area to walk, scramble or climb, please get in touch to discuss your plans.

- Suilven - Paddle to, then climb "Scotland's best wee hill"

- Skye - Paddle to Lock Courisk and the stunning Cullins

- Stacks - Paddle to and climb the Old Man of Stoer

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