Long Term Paddler Development

Structured and progressive coaching towards your goals


Course Description

Join us for a series of sessions designed specifically for your personal goals.  We start by setting short, medium and long term goals, then planning the progression required to help you achieve them.  We will run a series of sessions over a few months, to give you reliable, long lasting strategies for  continued development well after the sessions. The low coaching ratio enable lots of observation and  feedback and low cost makes it affordable to every paddler.  

In Brief

- Structured coaching over multiple sessions

- Tailored coaching towards your goals

- Come solo or with friends

- Great value for money

"Jonny's coaching was always very encouraging and he was always looking at ways to adapt sessions so whilst practicing and learning, I was enjoying it as well." 

Emma Dewer



What We Will Cover

  • Technical aspects of your paddling

  • Where, when and how to apply your skills

  • Increasing you motivation and confidence 

  • Improving strength and flexibility for paddling

At the end of each session we will review your progress and relate it to your long term development plan then come up with learning outcomes for the next session


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